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YMCA Principal

Message from the YMCA Principal

"I have a dream" were famous words addressed to a world that was oppressed and looking for change. A world that was in need of a reality that was secular, fair and liberated. When Dr. Martin Luther King uttered these words little did he know that while it shook and changed the mind set of entire communities, it also, many years down the line assured to all those who dared to dream that a reality based on the realization of dreams is possible.

The YMCA Centenary School & College is one such reality. Dreamt in to its inception by our former and Founder Principal Mr. B.T. Masih, Y.C.S.C. is a realization of hard work, dedication and an unfailing will to survive and succeed. The motto of our school ‘To Love, Strive and Liberate’ was then and still is the very foundation of this institution.

We believe that every child who walks through our doors will and must be treated as an individual. He or she will have the ability to decipher right from wrong and influence the future with the proverbial ‘best foot forward’ in any sphere of life. Taking young minds, shaping them in to analytical, opinionated, logical yet sensitive individuals is a daunting task. It is an immense responsibility and an ultimate aim that lies at the door of any educational institution.

The principal, teachers and support staff of the YMCA Centenary School and College are never more aware of this fact in all our day to day functioning. The fact that YCSC in accordance to the CBSE Board follows the Continuous and Comprehensive Education pattern is a tell tale sign of its aim towards such an educational system.

Mrs. Reema Masih
Principal, YMCA Centenary School & College

About the School

The YMCA Centenary School and College a co-ed English Medium School was founded by Mr. B. T. Masih in July, 1992. It is one of the most renowned educational institutions of prayagraj. It is built on a 4 acre lush green campus in the heart of the city on 13, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Prayagraj.

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13, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Prayagraj. UP - 211001

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