YMCA Code of Conduct

YMCA School

1. The Enrolment In YMCA Centenary School & College Implies; On The Part Of Parents And Pupils, That They Will Comply With The Requirement And Regulations Of The School.
2. All Such Lapses On The Part Of The Pupil Like Irregularity In Attendance, Habitual Idleness, Disobedience Or Such Conduct That Is Incompatible To The Norms Of The School Are Sufficient Grounds For Striking Off The Name Of Such A Student From The Rolls Of The School. Further 80% Attendance Is Minimum Requirement For A People To Be Eligible For Appearing In The Final Examination And Consideration For Promotion Thereof.
3. The Reports On General Progress Shall Be Sent To Parents During The Academic Year, Which Should Be Pursued By The Parent By The Parents And Returned To The School Authorities In Good Time After Duly Signed By Them. Promotion Is Considered On The Basis Of Whole Year's Performance Of The Pupil. Hence It Is All The More Important That The Pupil Attends School Regularly. The Decision Of The School Authorities With Regard To Promotion To The Next Class Shall Be Complete And Final.
4. The Pupil Is Expected To Have In Possession School Diary During All The School Hours Without Fail.
5. The Pupil Is Expected To Be Dressed Daily In Neat Prescribed Uniform. The Pupil Is Expected To Avoid Use Of Jewellery Except A Wrist Watch And In The Case Of Girl Pupil A Simple Small Pair Of Ear-Rings. Mehndi-Colour On Hands Shall Be Avoided By The People Unless Special Permission Is Obtained From The School Authorities.
6. The Pupil Is Expected To Consciously Avoid Wearing School Uniform After School Hours Outside The School Premises After Reaching Home. Any Pupil Found Breaching This Rule Would Be Liable For Expulsion From The School.
7. Any Pupil Found In Possession Of Such Literature Or Material That The School Authorities Consider Objectionable, Such Act May Lead To Suspension Of The Pupil For The Current Academic Session.
8. Three Late Entries In A Month In The Diary Will Lead To His/Her Being Sent Back Home. If He/She Is Late For The Fourth Time, Then The Student Will Be Marked Absent.
9. Any Student Found Idling Around And Not Attending Any School Activity As Such, Unless Valid Reason Is Presented, The Pupil May Be Suspended From The School For The Whole Month.
10. Parents Are Expected To Check Before Sending Of Their Wards To School That They Are Well Groomed. Any Tardiness Regarding The Uniform Or The Appearance Of The Pupil May Require Pupil To Go Back Home For The Day.
11. All The Pupils Are Expected To Cultivate In Themselves A Culture Of Respecting Ideology, Principles, Norms And Rules Of The Institution. Any Deliberate And Wilful Breach Of The Above Shall Attract Severest Of Action Against The Offending Pupil.
12. Acts Of Vandalism Resulting In Damage To The Property Of The School Is Totally Unacceptable And The Indulging Pupil/S In Such Acts Will Have To Make Good The Damage Property.
13. Attendance On The Following Occasions Is Compulsory:
 a. Non Teaching Days E.G., The Republic Day, Teacher's Day, Children's Day Etc.
 b. After The Completion Of The Syllabus Untill Preparation Leaves Have Been Announced.
 c. A School Working Day Immediately Preceding, Following Or Amidst Holidays.
 d. Any Breach Of Above Rules Will Require Parents To Meet The Principal And Produce Valid Reasons For The Absence To Be Condoned.
14. A List Of Holidays Is Annexed In The Diary. All The Pupils Are Expected To Be Present On The Reopening Of The School After Holidays. Parents Are Advised Not To Plan Going Out Of Station Ahead Of The Set Calender Of School Holidays And Similarly Not To Extend Outstation Stay Resulting In Their Ward Absenting From The School.
15. Pupils Leaving School In The Middle Of The Academic Session Must Give One Month's Notice, Otherwise Will Have To Pay One Month's Fee In Lieu Thereof.
16. School Fee Has To Be Paid Before Or By 15th Of Every Month. Any Delay Thereafter Will Attract A Fine @ Rs. 2/- Per Day. If The Fee Is Not Paid Within 15 Days Of The Due Date The Name Of The Student Will Be Struck Off From The Rolls.
17. Other Than The Code Of Conduct Script, There Are Scripts Under Different Headings Included In The School Diary Which Are Equally Important. Pupils Are Expected To Understand And Know Them By Heart. These Scripts Appear In The Following Order :—
  1. National Anthem
  2. College Anthem
  3. Prayer Of Faith
  4. Pledge
  5. The Lord's Prayer
  6. Thank You God
  7. जीवन प्रकाश

About the School

The YMCA Centenary School and College a co-ed English Medium School was founded by Mr. B. T. Masih in July, 1992. It is one of the most renowned educational institutions of prayagraj. It is built on a 4 acre lush green campus in the heart of the city on 13, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Prayagraj.

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