YMCA Examination Rules

YMCA School

Dos and Don'ts at Exams

1. Report Cards Will Not Be Given To Persons Other Than Parents/Legal Guardians Unless They Came With A Letter Of Authorization From The Concerned Parents /Legal Guardian.
2. Medical Certificates For Absence From Any Paper Or The Whole Examination Will Not Be Guarantee Promotion To The Next Class.
3. Any Concession To The Rules Of Promotion Made By The Principal Should Be Treated As A Gratuitous Act And Not As A Matter Of Right.
4. To Avoid Unnecessary Confusion All Dues Must Be Cleared Before 28 Feb Otherwise Your Ward Will Not Be Permitted To Appear For The Final Examination.
5. Use Of Unfair Means Either Directly Or Indirectly Is Not Expected Of Our Students In Case Anyone Is Found Guilty Of It, His/Her Entire Examination Will Be Cancelled.
6. Carrying Or Use Of Mobile Phones Is Strictly Prohibited.

Scrutiny Rules (Copy Rechecking For Classes IX-XII):

1. If Scrutiny Is Applied Within 22 Days, Fee Is Rs. 200/-.
2. If Scrutiny Is Applied After 22 Days To Within 45 Days Fee Is Rs. 500/-.
3. If Scrutiny Is Applied After 45 Days To Within 365 Days (1 Year) Then Fee Is Rs. 1000/- (Copy Not Shown To The Student). Copy Shown Only In Special Cases.
4. If Scrutiny Is Applied After 365 Days (1 Year) To Within 730 Days (2 Years) Fee Is Rs. 1500/-.
5. If Scrutiny Is Applied After 730 (2 Years) Days To Within 1095 Days (3 Years) Fee Is Rs. 2000/-.
6. After 1095 Days (3 Years) Answer Books Will Be Destroyed.

About the School

The YMCA Centenary School and College a co-ed English Medium School was founded by Mr. B. T. Masih in July, 1992. It is one of the most renowned educational institutions of prayagraj. It is built on a 4 acre lush green campus in the heart of the city on 13, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Prayagraj.

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