YMCA General Rules

YMCA School

1. Pupils Absence From School For A Period Of Two Weeks Without Notice Will Be Sufficient Reason For Striking His/Her Name Off From The Rolls.
2. Only Those Pupils Who Have Paid Up To Date Fees Would Be Permitted To Appear For The Final Examination.
3. During The Absence Of A Teacher From The Class, Pupils Must Follow The Monitor Appointed To Maintain Good Order.
4. Private Tuition/Coaching Is Discouraged As It Over Burden The Students.
5. A Minimum Of 40% In The Aggregate In English, Hindi, Social Studies, Maths & Science Is Essential For Promotion Besides Reaching A Satisfactory Standard In Class Test/Unit Test In All Subjects.
6. A Student Who Fails In The Same Class For Two Years In Succession Will Not Be Allowed To Continue In School.
7. No Pupil May Remain Absent Except For Valid Reason For Which Leave Should Be Applied In Writing By The Parents/Guardians In The Leave Record Of The Diary. Oral Message Shall Not Be Accepted.
8. Irregular Attendance, Neglect Of Homework, Neglect Of Class Test/Unit Test, Habitual Lack Of Interest In School Activities, Willful, Repeated Breaches Of School Regulations, Disobedience & Disrespect Towards Teacher Are Sufficient Reasons For The Dismissal Of The Pupil From The School.
9. Pupils Are Responsible To School Authorities Not Only For Their Conduct In School But Also For Their General Behavior Outside. Any Report Of Objectionable Conduct On The Part Of Any Pupil Will Make Him/Her Liable For Action In This Respect.
10. Mobile/Detect Device Are Not Permitted & Will Be Confiscated By The School.
11. Report Cards Will Not Be Given To Persons Other Than Parent/Legal Guardians Unless They Come With A Letter Of Authorization From The Concerned Parent/Legal Guardians.
12. Medical Certificate For Absence From Any Paper Or The Whole Examination Will Not Guarantee Promotion To The Next Class.
13. Any Concession To The Rules Of Promotion Made By The Principal Should Be Treated As A Gratuitous Act And Not As A Matter Of Right.
14. To Avoid Unnecessary Confusion All Dues Must Be Cleared Before 28th February Otherwise Your Ward Will Not Be Permitted To Appear For The Final Examination.
15. Use Of Unfair Means Either Directly Or Indirectly Is Not Expected Of Our Students. In Case Anyone Is Found Guilty Of It, His/Her Entire Examination Will Be Cancelled.
16. If A Parent/Legal Guardian Wants To Meet Any Teacher Then A Prior Appointment With The Teacher Should Be Made Through The Student's Diary.
17. CBSE Has Incorporated A Format For Verifying The Record Of Immunization That A Child Has Been Subjected To. It Is Mandatory For The Parents To Fill In The Given Formats.

About the School

The YMCA Centenary School and College a co-ed English Medium School was founded by Mr. B. T. Masih in July, 1992. It is one of the most renowned educational institutions of prayagraj. It is built on a 4 acre lush green campus in the heart of the city on 13, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Prayagraj.

Our Location

YMCA School

13, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Prayagraj. UP - 211001

Phone: 0532-2423028 | +91 - 7852023027

Phone: +91 - 7852023028 | 7852023029

Email: contactymcaallahabad@gmail.com

School Code: 70013

Affiliation Number: 2130480