Director Message

Mr. B. T. Masih

Every New Year in the life of a school is a matter of great rejoicing, for it is by the grace of God almighty that we complete the events and activities of the school on a satisfactory and successful note.
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Principal Message

Mrs. Reema Masih

"I have a dream" were famous words addressed to a world that was oppressed and looking for change. A world that was in need of a reality that was secular,
fair and liberated.
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About the school

Although a rigorous academic programme is at the core of everything we at YMCA do an equally outstanding co-curricular and extra-curricular agenda for students endows them with a much needed holistic education to give them a competitive edge over their counterparts elsewhere.

The YMCA Centenary School and College a co-ed English Medium School was founded by Mr. B. T. Masih in July, 1992. It is one of the most renowned educational institutions of Allahabad. It is built on a 4 acre lush green campus in the heart of the city on 13, Sarojini Naidu Marg, Allahabad. Started with a strength of 13 students it is now 2000 strong from Classes KG-I to XII and today has also produced IITians and a District Topper under the guidance of the present Principal.

The school has been expanding continuously in its scope and range of activities. Our curriculum, instruction and assessment follows the directives set forth in our strategic plan, laid down by the CBSE Boards rigorous educational initiatives. The Management, staff and students are committed to this mission and work together to obtain exceptional results in the academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular arenas for a productive life. It is also proud to be one of the only Schools in Allahabad (CBSE Board) to have initiated the Happiness Curriculum as it is presently known even before the concept of the same came into being. The YMCA follows a policy of connecting the Heart with the Brain or rather a Heart Brain Connect approach in the day to day teaching-learning process.

Mr. B. T. Masih, the Founder Principal of the school has always extended his edifying support and patient guidance, without which the school would not have been, where it stands today. The present Principal Ms. Reema Masih is also working towards optimum overall development of each student who steps in to the corridors of The YMCA rendering holistic learning, delivered by a highly qualified, professional staff within an outstanding infrastructure. YMCA continues in its 21 years of successful running and prepares to move dynamically into the future.


The Management, Staff and Students are committed to the mission and work together to obtain exceptional results
in the academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular arenas for a productive life.

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